Monday, April 23, 2012

a smart cow

   This is an example of an intelligent brown cow, the very one now standing in the field of hay with a long tail of woe. A cow that is gingerly stepping forward through the field of clover swishing its tail in anticipation of conveying its tail of the black cloud of flies plying their trade of distraction by covering the cows hide in swarms of bites and irritations. The bright brown cow with the sad large brown liquid eyes stopped at the stone fence and faced the veterinarian. The vet was a kind brown eyed woman with a weathered sun browned face and hands. The sad brown cow with the sad tail turned its head toward the vet as a hand reached out to scratch the brown forehead of the cow a cow who wanted to tell its tail of woe. The cow looked the kind vet in the eyes and vigorously swished its brown tail across its flanks stirring up a black cloud of flies, thus instantly communicating the tail of woe to the friendly vet. The caring vet brought a contraption out of its black bag that the hopeful brown cow understood. So the cow began to slowly rotate all the way around while the vet pumped a spray all over the cows hide a spray that chased off the cloud of flies and eased the irritating bites. The happy brown cow now did the only thing it could do and smile at the kindly vet with its big brown eyes before wandering off crushing bits of grass sending a fresh smell into the air while searching for a nice patch of clover to chew on.
  The vet turned to the farmer with a twinkle in her eyes and said to the farmer, “that is an intelligent brown cow.”

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