Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Barren Land

I hopped, if one can hop out of bed, to a great feeling of being refreshed due in part, I believe, to the start of daylight-savings-time. As I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and stretched my muscles, I wandered to the bedroom window to let my world in. The ruffling curtains gave me a glimpse of something other than my world. I flung the curtains aside. What I saw was a dim sun shinning through early morning mist casting subtle shadows across a scene of grey rocks strewn across a barren landscape devoid of any beauty of any kind.
The sight that assailed my eyes was not in my power to comprehend, that is, my brain was not coping with the vision through the bedroom window. My heart was beating in my ears and panic was setting in. Dressing quickly I headed for the backdoor, swinging the door open, I rushed into the yard where the garden should haven been, it was a given that the gardener went missing too, the very garden that I see every day; it was all gone and in its place were grey rocks on hard red and cracked soil stretching into the distance. I grabbed my cell phone to call for help and found it to be dead! Great, no communications! My hands were shaking and as I was loosing control of my nerves my trembling hands let the phone slip to crash onto a rock, then a new shock registered in my beleaguered mind, there was no noise. No noise at all, even the bedroom window hadn't made its usual sound as I now suddenly remembered, curious. I screamed! Was I deaf?
Yesterday I was fine with no symptoms of illness that I could determine.
. Despite my current symptoms I forced a tour around the grounds circling the house, then it hit me, there was no feeling of air or wind on my skin, it got worse, I could not feel anything in my current environment. I went into a frantic mode and touched everything in sight including patting myself down, NOTHING! God! Was there a GOD! I raced into the house that was still my home I hoped, to find something to take to get a grip on my sanity, hoping what I found to take still had any potency left or at least have a good placebo effect; the potency was still there. The drug took hold instantly and later on I realized it was the placebo effect; no drug takes hold that fast except in the movies.
I was now feeling much better considering the current situation. I needed a calm period of time if there was time, to think about the what, where and who. Since the cell phone incident I reasoned that there was no GOOGLE to help me out of this fearful place. The what, Where and who did not look to be a better option.
Where is Bill Nye when you need him?
I looked up to see a circular opening some distance above me with a dark blue/green sky beyond.
The opening suggested an enclosure. So I headed away from my home to explore what was out there. I came to notice that my sight or brain was affected in this strange place. The distance was coming into view a frame at a time as if I was viewing a panoramic slide show coming into view. I moved into my future slide by slide. I forced my way forward not wanting to look back, if I saw what I was seeing in front of me I would lose what courage I had left. I kept on as the snap shots kept coming.
I came to believe that time had stopped or escaped from the universe; I covered the distance in no time or was it non-time?
Eventually I saw a translucent surface curving into view. Through the surface I observed wandering shadows on the other side, some of the shadows stood sill now and then as if viewing something or communicating with one another. I started a circuitous route around the inside of the enclosure fearing what may lay in wait beyond the next slide ahead of me.
Was I getting anywhere?
Ignoring the repulsive landscape, I watched the actions of the shadows beyond the wall. As I moved along the wall they seemed to stop and look at something. Me? Non-time passed until I approached an opening. There was a young standing there as if he were waiting for someone. He looked as if he had been working but took time off to wait. I went up to him and before I could speak he said, "Did you enjoy your ride sir".
When I came to and my vision cleared I found myself standing at my bedroom window watching the Gardner working in a flowerbed on a misty morning.
OK, the What, Where and Who. The What? A blackout, I am sober now. Where? My bedroom; I have remolded the bedroom, one cannot be too careful. Who, that is harder to say but I figure two out of three is pretty good considering the situation at the time. Time has been good to me since then. Life is good! Mostly.


  1. Great story, was this a dream or is it fiction?

  2. Thanks. Fiction. I have jotted down notes about my dreams. I have not considered a dream a as a source for a story. Thanks for the connection. I dabble at arranging words into something a bit more intelligible than a gathering of monkeys. I wonder if the monkeys had spell check?

  3. More on the order of a day-dream. A favorite occupation.