Monday, February 6, 2012

A Dream

Time, night, it was a dream after all.
   I was in an antique shop with a companion.   
   We were examining a couple shelves of old diaries/journals for sale. My companion found them uninteresting but I begged to differ, being a book collector I do find such journals interesting and desirable.
   After checking the shelf of journals I turned to my left to look at a very old Leica camera from the 30s. The poor thing however did not work, the shutter was very slow, possibly due to age and lack of use. Farther on to my left there was a collection of large old glass negatives of native Americans in very good shape.
   Having no money I left all the goodies behind and headed for the door with the person who I was with and as usual she had a fair amount of stuff she was hauling home to add the her collections.
   Remembering this dream I imagine was due to my long standing interest in books, cameras and old images.

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