Tuesday, January 10, 2012

on Memory: write it down

I am always wanting to write something down; I don't. Notes about ideas for this and that before I forget or a story, haiku, or some prose, all badly written as it happens, still there is some comfort in getting thoughts on non-paper, ie, the computer.
   A poor short term memory is a bad business model. Do not send me to the neighborhood store wanting more than two items. I will forget one of them. This one, two, hmm?... goes for most memory work I need to do such as directions, spelling and numbers. Verbal directions or assembly directions go by the wayside after the first few words . My life's memory is nothing more than trash along the road. While on a trip you see a shoddy man bent to the ground shuffling along looking this way and that in the ditch you will have found me trashing around in my mind searching for bits of memory that may have some reality behind them.

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