Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Text to speech as another checker for ones writing.

I posses an innate talent in regards to spelling; I can't. Thus a savior came into being, from the spell-checking software god. Grammar, punctuation and other verb gibberish stuff leaves me in a dark corner with a dunce cap on my wee little head, so I use an older grammar checker. I was testing open source and freeware text to speech software when I discovered another way to check your work and that is that I have misspelled a word that is a correct spelling but with a different meaning than the one I intended. I do proof read what I have written, to see how many words that I have not transferred from brain to finger tips and that is quite a few. I have a tendency to read a word the way I believe it should sound within the context it was to be used. What I discovered is that text to speech works better than my brain in that the program is not fooled into reading the text the way I want it thus providing another way to correct a few of my mistakes.

  I am sure there is something above that glares in ones eyes.

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